Fix your energy prices for 24 months and get a £40 M&S gift card

M&S Energy Fix & More 2 Year Terms and Conditions1. These M&S Energy Fix & More terms and conditions are in addition to the M&S EnergyGeneral Terms and Conditions and M&S Energy Supply Terms & Conditions. In the event ofa conflict between these Terms & Conditions and M&S Energy General Terms & Conditionsor M&S Energy Supply Terms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail. Anyterms defined in the M&S Energy General Terms & Conditions and the M&S Energy SupplyTerms & Conditions will have the same meaning in these Terms & Conditions.2. Our prices for the supply of your electricity and gas on the M&S Energy Fix & More 2 Yeartariff will be fixed for a period of 24 months commencing on your supply start date. Yoursupply start date will be either:i. the date your supply(ies) transfer to us from your existing energy tariff. Where bothorii. the date of the last of your supply(ies) to transfer from your previous supplier(s) to us.your gas and electricity supplies are being transferred, then it will be the later of thetwo transfer dates;Where both your gas and electricity supplies are being transferred, then it will be thelater of the two transfer dates (supply start date).3. If you have a Pay As You Go meter installed in your Property, then you will not be eligible forthe M&S Energy Fix & More tariff.4. This tariff is available to Dual Fuel, electric only and Electric with Heat (Domestic Economy,THTC, Superdeal, Economy 7 and Economy 10) customers who pay by variable or fixedmonthly Direct Debit or quarterly billing only. For customers who have joined M&S Energy Fix& More through an internet comparison site, signing up to paperless billing is mandatory.5. Your M&S Energy Fix & More tariff will end:i. 24 months after your supply start date / [date]; orii. immediately when you have a meter change completed, change your tariff, or whenyou change supplierWith regard to (i) above, after this date we will switch you to our cheapest evergreen tariff atthat time. We will write to you between 49 and 42 days before the end date to inform you ofthe options available to you and this will include information such as our cheapest tariff at thistime based on your estimated annual consumption and your chosen payment method. Youare not required to give any form of notice to leave M&S Energy Fix & More 2 Year.6. If you move home at any time after your supply start date you may have the option tocontinue your M&S Energy Fix & More 2 Year tariff at your next property. If you move to aproperty that we do not supply then you will be on whichever tariff the supplier of that propertyhas in place.7. We will send you a £40 M&S gift card as part of your M&S Energy Fix & More 2 Year tariff.This will be sent by post to your account address within 30 days from the date(s) yoursupply(ies) transfer to us as detailed in paragraph two above. See gift card for full Terms &Conditions on use of the gift card. Marks and Spencer plc, SSE and M&S Energy are notresponsible for gift cards lost, stolen or damaged once we have sent them8. This tariff is not available for use in conjunction with any other offer. We reserve the right torefuse or withdraw the tariff at any time.